What is wedding planning?

What is wedding planning? Do we need a wedding planner? What is a wedding planner?

Weddings have become a streamlined subject. When it comes to wedding planning, sometimes couples would debate the subject of –

“Why do we need a planner? 

Is it necessary? 

is it really that important?”

The person you choose to be your wedding planner is a significant person in your life. 

They will advise you on all of your vendors, venues, logistics, and what you’re planning and hoping for, as well as how it will play out in real life. How do we tell which event planner is better than the other in the times we live in when we are surrounded by so many vendors who do the same thing? 

Also, and perhaps most importantly, they can guide you through areas where you can save money and time. It’s a wonderful resource to have on hand to help you relax while you plan for one of your most important days. A professional wedding planner can assist you in creating and sticking to a budget and avoid any potential mistakes. 

                      Let’s talk about logistics. What are logistics in wedding planning?

With decades of experience in hospitality, I can say logistics play a key role in how all your events will run. From pre-events to the actual wedding day – logistics play an important role. 

Logistics, also known as timelines, are design layouts, and working with all the vendors involved in the wedding and how their roles play in an event. Also, room-block management is an important part of wedding planning. How to read hotel room block contracts, and what clauses do we need to look at when reading contracts? Having that experience in the planner you pick is very important. How to read a contract from a venue/hotel. What to look for? What is attrition?. How much space is blocked from what time to what time. 

In the world of fast fashion and all the picture-perfect images on social media platforms, we tend to drive our focus on what are the trends? and what’s new? but have we thought about the flow of things, how detailed should we be in a timeline? I always believe in being as detailed as possible. No information is too much information and over communication always helps. As a planner and designer, I am familiar with many common layout software such as social tables, all seated, etc. Knowing how to put a layout together is important for a planner. 

A member of your family may have a lot of experience planning parties and other events, but planning a wedding is a very different ballgame. In the times we live in, there are so many planners who are out there who had planned their own wedding and call themselves an experienced wedding planner. 

This may be a touchy subject for those who are reading this, but the fact is –  


There is passion and then there is skill & experience in the field. 

But how do we differentiate between a seasoned planner to a new one? Research on your planner because nowadays everyone has a great portfolio and a polished website, but can they actually do the job? Would they be present on the wedding day? 

Do your research, and please do not ask for reviews. Yes, there are genuinely written reviews, but how do we know exactly? Did you know that you can pay someone to do a review for you? 

The best way to go would be to ask around vendors – such as photographers, decor, etc. who have worked with planners. In fact, vendors would be the best resource to have an idea of who is good, the reason behind this is that they work with planners on a daily basis. So,  research on your own, check out their website, and ask around – there are many ways to look into it. 

Here are a few remarkable people I have had the pleasure of working with, who are amazing at their craft – 


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